Nora Jaenicke

Nora Jaenicke


Nora Jaenicke was born in Berlin and grew up in Italy with her German parents. She graduated from a high school specialized in Languages and eventually moved to Rome to study Film Production at the European Institute of Design. She then returned to Germany, and worked for a Documentary Film Production Company in Cologne, before moving to Vancouver to study Writing for Film TV and Interactive Media. After graduating from VFS, Nora moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a Set Designer on various films and commercials before starting to write, produce and direct her own films.
Nora is now living in Brooklyn, NY and has recently completed her third narrative short film and is now working on her first feature film. In the meantime she is also pursuing a Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing and Psychology on a full scholarship at Harvard University.




Margot (30), an emotionally-detached art dealer, sporadically visits her terminally-ill father in the
During an art deal, she tries to purchase an oddly intriguing painting of whales, but the owner, an old
widow, refuses to sell.
Back home, she fights with her husband Johnny over her emotional unavailability.
She goes to her grandmother’s funeral with her business partner, Rupert. Afterwards, she sorts through
her grandmother’s possessions and finds a sheaf of letters from an older sister she never knew.
Margot tracks down her estranged sister Louise (34), who reveals that she was sent to boarding school
after their mother had died in a car accident.
Margot identifies Louise as the truth behind her imaginary friend who used to sing “The Song of the
Whales” to her when they were little girls.
Margot decides to take Louise to her house in the countryside, which angers Rupert who needs
Margot’s help with an upcoming exhibition.
Louise opens up to Margot, but never reveals why she was sent away. She also gives Margot the
painting of the whales, telling her that she talked the widow into selling it.
Johnny comes over to reconcile with Margot. That night, while having sex, Johnny sees Louise
watching them from outside the door.
When Margot confronts Louise, Louise tells her that she was trying to protect her. Margot explains that
she doesn’t need protection from her own husband.
Margot finds out she is pregnant, which is extremely exciting for the young couple. Margot leaves to
buy baby clothes in the city.
Johnny confronts Louise. Louise says that Johnny is using the baby as a way to force Margot to stay
with him, and that she will do anything to protect her little sister.
Margot goes to Louise’s apartment to get her some clothes. She finds a box filled with letters and
pictures of Louise’s old lover, but the letters reveal that Louise was actually a stalker.
Margot returns to the countryside, and confronts Louise with the pictures and letters she found, asking
why she lied about her past.
Louise breaks down and reveals why she was sent away: she was sexually abused by their father.
Margot initially denies this, but then realizes the truth, and the sisters become even closer.
Margot tries to call Johnny, but when Louise finds his phone, she decides to bring it to his office.
A news broadcast reveals to Margot that the widow who she tried to buy the whale painting from has
been murdered. When Margot threatens to call the police, Louise threatens her with a knife.
Rupert arrives to the house to find Margot in the basement, cradling her dead husband.
Two years later, Margot writes her sister a letter, telling her that she will never forgive her.
Margot drives to the hospital to bring her father flowers. She leaves asking the nurse to tell her when he
dies. Margot finishes the letter by writing that she never wants to see her father or Louise again.