From the Identification of Potentials to the Promotion of Excellence

The “Drehbuchklausur” is a three week long screenplay writing workshop, where script writers can develop and present their current works. The specially founded Institute of the Filmfestival Kitzbühel organizes the Drehbuchklausur in order to give filmmakers from Austria and Europe a chance to work on their creations with colleagues, trainers and experts from the national and international movie industry, as well as to exchange ideas and to network.

Each year, up to nine participants are selected by the Institute of the Filmfestival Kitzbühel along with a jury of international film experts. The screenplay writers must have previous experience in film production and script writing, and be ready to develop their new project.

The Drehbuchklausur is based on a combination of individual writing phases, personal talks and coachings with dramatic advisors, experts and colleagues. Accompanied by lectures, case studies, guest speakers and discussions with experts and professionals from the national and international film industry. The unique surroundings and landscape of Kitzbühel also provide an ideal setting to encourage the creative writing process.


The main goal of the screenplay workshop is to release highly qualified authors, who tell captivating stories, and to promote Austrian film in the national and international film industry.


Screenwriters who are at least 18 years old, living in or originating from Austria and preferably write in the German language, may participate. Additionally, two German speaking screenwriters from Europe will also be accepted. Candidates must fulfill another important condition: they must have published and produced at least one screenplay for a short film but at the most two scripts for an evening-filling TV-, cinema-, feature- or semi-documentary film.

Applications have to be submitted at www.withoutabox.com each year until the 27th of March. The Institute of the Filmfestival Kitzbühel chooses the participants along with a jury of experts from the national and international film industry. This year, the Drehbuchklausur will take place from August 7th to August 26th 2017.

Main Topics

• Pitching (video analysis in the group)
• Synopsis – logline (before and after the exercise)
• Characters, dramaturgy, genre, dialogue, language
• Case study
• Overview of current developments in copy right laws
• Cross-media potential – digital world
• „Decision-makers as guests“ – institutions introduce themselves


Participants receive following offers during the Drehbuchklausur:

• Tutors as well as domestic and foreign specialists from the film and media industry are offering their advice and support in order to strengthen and establish unique features of the projects.
• Experts from the Austrian and European film and media industry give important stimulation with incentive presentations and seminars and inform about the current branch and market developments
• Lectures and discussion panels open new perspectives on own creations
Feature film scripts and treatments currently under development and written in German or English can be submitted through www.ffkb-institut.at until May 19th, 2017.

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