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Nadia and Mouton are two paramedics working nightshift. While they treat a patient called Ronaldo in the Cape Flats, Mouton and Nadia are attacked by gang members. The attackers ransack the inside of the ambulance, while a helpless Ronaldo struggles to breathe. After the attackers leave, Mouton and Nadia climb back into the ambulance. Nadia tries to calm a combative Ronaldo and Mouton drives off. As he drives to hospital, Nadia shrieks and Mouton hears a loud thud. He calls Nadia’s name, but there is no response.

Dian Weys



  • Monday 20th : Press & Industry previews
  • Tuesday 21st : Opening Film, Opening Party, Sailer Retroperspective 
  • Wendesday 22nd : Start of the Competition 2018,  Cinema in the City 
  • Thursday 23rd : Drive In Theater “Dirty Dancing” 
  • Friday 24th : Open Air event at Kitzbueheler Horn, Drive In Theater “Drive”
  • Saturday 25th : Award Ceremony and Closing Party 
  • Sunday 26th : Additional screenings of all awarded films of FFKB 2018



  • Monday 20th : annual members meeting of the FFKB Association
  • Tuesday 21st : Opening Night
  • Wendesday 22nd : Jury’s “Weisswurst Brunch” 
  • Thursday 23rd : Directors and Producers Brunch,  Drive In Theater #1 including a Concert & BBQ.
  • Friday 24th : Sundown and Warm-Up at the Kitzbueheler Horn, Drive In Theater #2 including a concert & BBQ, “Alpinesdating” Pitches (Forum for Producers),  FFKB-Alumni party
  • Saturday 25th : “Alpendating” Brunch in cooperation with FFF (Bavaria), IDM (Alto Adige), ÖFI (Austria), Zürcher Filmstiftung (Switzerland)
    Award Show & Gala Event 

Country South Africa
Year 2017
Length 12
Language Afrikaans
Director Dian Weys
Dian Weys
Producer Josh PJ Hall
Barrett de Kock
Editor Bianca Bothma
Cast Trix Vivier
Clayton Evertson
Brendon Daniels

Playtime and Theater

MI. 22.08. 15:00


SA. 25.08. 22:15