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Ein Stern fällt vom Himmel

The famous figure skater Helga Held (Ina Bauer) says goodbye to professional sport just before the European Championships. The offer to become the star of an ice revue, she rejects thankfully. As a result, Heinz Norman (Toni Sailer) commits a lookalike (Ruth Stephan) for his show. The real Helga Hero makes him but a hefty line through the bill.

Géza von Cziffra



  • Monday 20th : Press & Industry previews
  • Tuesday 21st : Opening Film, Opening Party, Sailer Retroperspective 
  • Wendesday 22nd : Start of the Competition 2018,  Cinema in the City 
  • Thursday 23rd : Drive In Theater “Dirty Dancing” 
  • Friday 24th : Open Air event at Kitzbueheler Horn, Drive In Theater “Drive”
  • Saturday 25th : Award Ceremony and Closing Party 
  • Sunday 26th : Additional screenings of all awarded films of FFKB 2018



  • Monday 20th : annual members meeting of the FFKB Association
  • Tuesday 21st : Opening Night
  • Wendesday 22nd : Jury’s “Weisswurst Brunch” 
  • Thursday 23rd : Directors and Producers Brunch,  Drive In Theater #1 including a Concert & BBQ.
  • Friday 24th : Sundown and Warm-Up at the Kitzbueheler Horn, Drive In Theater #2 including a concert & BBQ, “Alpinesdating” Pitches (Forum for Producers),  FFKB-Alumni party
  • Saturday 25th : “Alpendating” Brunch in cooperation with FFF (Bavaria), IDM (Alto Adige), ÖFI (Austria), Zürcher Filmstiftung (Switzerland)
    Award Show & Gala Event 

Country Germany, Austria
Year 1961
Length 97
Language German
Director Géza von Cziffra
Géza von Cziffra
Producer Alfred Stöger
Willy Winterstein
Editor Eleonore Kunze
Cast Toni Sailer
Gunter Philipp
Ina Bauer
Susi Nicoletti

Playtime and Theater

DI. 21.08. – 19:15