“One of our main ingredients of our good fellowship is that we help each other”

1) Franzi, You opened our doors without turning a hair when we came up with the idea in 2014 to organize a cinema on the mountain. Since then, you and the Alpenhaus have been an integral part of the FFKB program and a highlight of the week. This summer, the cinema on the mountain marks the sixth anniversary. What is retrospective your résumé of the last years together?

From the beginning on I was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the event as I like to support new, unconventional ideas. Furthermore, the idea to create a cinema on the mountain just met my taste, to do something that is considered a crazy idea. To sum up, it has to be said that the film festival has grown over the years and that I can look back on a good collaboration and look forward to more successful years together.

2) It’s no coincidence that you and 60% of our startup team have the same last name. The Reisch family has a long history in Kitzbühel, which has its beginnings with the pioneer Franz Reisch (1863-1920) and his innovative and future-oriented thinking. Was this hunger for unconventional ways, the curiosity and the desire to create something new put in your cradle? What were your personal beginnings and what motivates you?

Yes, we may love to have unusual ideas and visions. Without looking into the future, it would certainly not be possible to run the Alpenhaus in the 4th generation. My great-grandfather, Franz Reisch, got snowshoes from Norway and on March 15, 1893, he skied the Kitzbüheler Horn for the first time with his skis. And if my father had not built the scenic road 54 years ago, our family would not be in the happy position we are in now.

3) During the season months you can see mostly from 1.670m on Kitzbühel. When you look at the city, with all its facets from up here, what are your thoughts? What do you appreciate about the “old lady” and which cosmetic changes would you like to make on her?

For me, the view of Kitzbühel every day is very special, whether in winter or in summer, I am always thrilled that this city has managed to live and love tourism. When I think about improvements, I would like to see more gratitude from each one and more cohesion.

4) In the Alpenhaus you always have the feeling that nothing can disturb you. No matter how stressful, you work very well as a team. Not only your two children and your wife, but also long-standing employees are at your side. Also in the film business you have to work closely together again and again, whether on film sets, at festivals or during the various production phases. What is your recipe for a working together?

One of our main ingredients of our good fellowship is that we help each other. This means that my family and our employees work together and everyone does every job. That was always very important to me and that’s why I had my daughter Franziska and my son Hans-Peter help as a child and taught them all facets of entrepreneurship. When I think of my employees, they are part of my family and we are not without reason a family business since 1893. I value the performance of each employee and I am always proud of what we have achieved in the team and will still succeed.

5) Slowly but surely, we approach the Filmfestival Kitzbühel 2019. Together we were able to welcome great personalities here in the Alpenhaus over the last few years. Who would you like to invite to the Alpenhaus during the FFKB week? Are there any filmmakers you would serve your delicious homemade roast pork?

I am happy about every guest who returns to the Alpenhaus. It thrills me year after year how many guests come and how many dear regular visitors we have.

6) My last question to you: Is there any film that has touched you sustainably?

When I look back to the last years of the film festival at the Alpenhaus, I have to say that every single film was a highlight. Whether it was the first film “Attention – A life in extreme” in 2014 in the cable car hall or in 2015 the premiere of „„Luis Trenker, der schmale Grat der Wahrheit“ with Tobias Moretti and full moon night. The film “Eine unerhörte Frau” in 2016, followed by a question and answer session with the protagonist of the film, was particularly touching and in retrospect allowed me to see a lot in a different perspective. The film premiere “Anna Fucking Molnar” in 2017 with the main actress Nina Proll in the discussion round and last year’s film “Die brillante Mademoiselle Neila” in the cable car hall with homemade apple punch and popcorn were unforgettable evenings for me.