How acting, theater, singing and elegance are united in one person. An interview with Nicole Beutler.

“Even failure is a high art that wants to be learned!”

“For me, silence is an essential part of acting”

The liaison between you and the Film Festival Kitzbühel began on a mild summer day three years ago. Starting as FFKB jury member in 2016, we were seduced by your voice during a touching chanson evening the following year. In addition, you guided our guests through the awards ceremonies and festival closing evenings. And as we know it, things do not always go smoothly, so we had to struggle with technical problems from time to time. In spite of the technology, you always sticked to the program and, as so often, it was a great evening.

1. 1) Such “oops” are probably the lesser evil. Has there ever been something like “favorite failures” in your life? Failures that you consider a blessing in retrospect because they ultimately helped you succeed? How do you deal with failures in general?

Even failure is a high art that wants to be learned! And even in a failure, I always try to see the positive, seeking the meaning in it can ideally learn from it. As a blessing in retrospect, I feel my fall on a staircase at the age of 13 years. At that time, I was in daily ballet training, wanted to be a classical ballet dancer and was probably very talented and ambitious. I worked and trained hard. The injury then forced me to pause for a very long time. From the dream of the great ballet career as a prima ballerina! At that time, I decided to become an actress, because I wanted to go to the stage anyway. Today I’m glad about it because as a dancer I would have retired long ago. Nevertheless, I still danced until my twentieth year.

2) What motivates you every day? Are there rituals or routines without which you do not even start a day?

I start with a smile every day when I wake up. It’s so easy and often does so much. I thank for every new day, every new opportunity. To whom? Let’s say, the universe! I also meditate a lot. Meditation grounded and anchored me in myself. Silence and contemplation increase the mindfulness and focus on the essentials. For me, silence is an essential part of acting.

3) You are known as an actress and singer. Among others as psychologist Barbara Bragana in the series Vorstadtweiber. Apart from the countless series, films and plays in which you have participated, your heart beats for a very specific passion – the dance. Since your early childhood you have been involved in ballet, jazz and modern dance. Could you describe a dance? Which form or discipline would most closely match your nature?

Interesting question. Maybe an Argentine tango. This dance means improvisation – based on the most accurate techniques, interpretation and a lot of passion. A give and take. A basic confidence in life, a game, always different, always intense, always awake and yet not tense, but danced with ease. And above all, always right now!

4) “Show me what you are reading and I’ll tell you who you are.” You are a happy owner of a large collection of literature. Is there a book you have given away the most? And to what extent has it affected you sustainably?

Yes, my husband and I have a very extensive library together. I guess there are over 3000 books and there are always new ones, because reading is one of my biggest hobbies. Since I’m a very haptic person, I would never get a Kindle in the house! Also on vacation I drive with books, real books! One of my favorite books, which I always give away, is Stefan Zweig’s “The World of Yesterday”. This book is not only the search for meaning of the refugee Stefan Zweig, who was taken away by the persecution of the National Socialists, but also tells of the longing for a united Europe, as we take it for granted today and which unfortunately is questioned by so many. Terrifyingly present, although it appeared in 1942!

5) What have you been given, bought or found in the last six months that has positively influenced your life?

To enumerate this would be beyond the scope! I am so rich in life. I am grateful and humble for that.

6) The Kitzbühel Film Festival sees itself primarily as a supporter of emerging filmmakers and wants to offer them a platform to show their works. What advice would you give, with your experience and your know-how, to our young cineastes?

I can only advise all young creatives: DREAM BIG! Never let yourself be confused and consistently follow the path that you think will lead you to the realization of your ideas and dreams. Listen to your stomach and never give up. Believe in yourself, so that others can do it!