This program is composed of 6 short films

  • Aiguille du Midi Operation: Electric Avenue:  

Right next to the Aiguille du Midi peak, situated in a sea of mountains at an altitude of 3842m, stands proudly the legendary 50m high granite monolith Gendarme des Cosmiques. For the past 30 years it hosted only 2 climbing routes, Digital Crack and Arête des Cosmiques, but this changed on the 10th of August 2022!

  • Line & Air: 

This snowboard/ski documentary follows 3 world-class female riders. Meet thrill seekers Geraldine Fasnacht, Marion Haerty and Christina Lusti.

  • Facing Time:

What is the most important thing in a speed record? Speed, of course, you’d think. But extreme mountaineers Nicolas Hojac and Adrian Zurbrügg put safety first in their mission – and still broke all previous records. In 13 hours and 8 minutes, the two crossed the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

  • Riding the Hype Train:  

“Riding the hype train” is a movie from Athletes Act Now that captures the excitement of winter sports while promoting sustainability. The film follows a group of professional athletes as they embark on a mountain adventure, relying solely on train travel to minimize their environmental impact.

  • Minus 18 Degrees:

During the shooting of their new film, the two best friends quickly discover that the reality on the mountain – at up to 18 degrees below zero – brings hurdles. Technical, but also physical challenges force them to abandon the project.

  • Hermann Huber – The Value of Time

A portrait of climbing and equipment pioneer Hermann Huber, born in Munich, Germany, who decisively shaped the development of modern alpinism as “Mr. Salewa”. It was not only his actions on the rock and at the workbench that were decisive – but also his youthful curiosity, which he retained into old age.